Green Valley Lake
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Save Money, Rent a Vacation Cabin

Renting a vacation cabin might initially sound like an expensive proposition, but if you typically reserve 2 or more hotel rooms, it might actually save you money.

When renting a hotel you have no or very limited kitchen faculties. This requires dining out for most or all of your meals. Food costs for a family can be as high as or higher than hotel costs. That's why we have stocked our GVL cabin with all of the main cooking amenities you'd have at home. This allows for families or groups to dine in, eat healthier meals they prepare and reduce food costs tremendously.

Hotels like to boast about all the activities they offer, but most of those activities are events, restaurants and attractions in close proximity to the hotel and most require additional funds. Rental cabins usually offer common areas, games, DVD's and a myriad of outdoor activities that can entertain families and groups at no additional cost.

Our rental cabin in Green Valley Lake, offers many kitchen amenities, two common areas, DVDs, games, books, a gas BBQ, outdoor patio, and in the winters a wonderful snow hill right outside your door. We are next to the national forest and just a 2 minute walk to the lake. When looking for an inexpensive vacation option for your family or group, why not consider a rental cabin.